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Sunday, February 08, 2004

This article was forwarded to me on the net, and it speaks for itself, so I won't comment on it, but to say here
is a glaring example of the problems we face with the "courts."






Oregon Supreme Court Gives Standing to "Ex Rel Similarly Aggrieved Natural People", The Constitutionally Lawful State as Party to Declaratory Judgement

Governor, Attorney General, Chief Justice, Ethics Commissioner Fail to Appear, Answer

Judge Michael Gillette meets in secret "Judicial Conference" with other Supreme Court judges, dismisses Complaint without opinion, record, response, no sanctions for failure to appear

February 2, 2004

Salem, Oregon - A default was filed in the Oregon Supreme Court today on a Declaratory Judgement case Gaston, Ex Rel People of Oregon Vs Ted Kulongoski, Governor and other elected officials. On December 12, 2003, the Oregon Supreme Court issued an order for Governor Kulongoski, Attorney General Hardy Myers, Standards and Practices Commissioner Patrick Hearn and Supreme Court Chief Justice Wallace Carson to respond with a memorandum disputing the criminal factual evidence and designated court records filed with the Declaratory Judgement that outline extreme corruption, unconstitutional rulemaking, fraud and systemic abuse by state agencies and agents against children and adults in the state.

The Oregon Supreme Court issued cards that order a response to THREE parties, Wilbur Gaston, Pamela Gaston and "Ex Rel Similarly Aggrieved Natural People". (See cards on page at , attached as exhibits in the Declaratory Judgement Default). The Court acknowledged the "Ex Rel Similarly Aggrieved Natural People" standing for the first time. This title has been Gastons Court title for four years, this being the first time the court has acknowledged the " Ex Rel People" standing in the court. In 2000 Charles Stewart and Gastons wrote an Ex Rel Quo Warranto in these same criminal matters, and met with Chief Justice Carsons clerk to decide on a title acceptable to both the court and Gastons to include the people in the state who also are being abused in by same corrupt policies.

This standing includes all of the people in the state who have been "similarly abused" by systemic corruption of the constitutional process in the state by an administrative corporate government NOT of the "people". This gives standing to the people to stand with Petitioners in the court together and expect remedy.

As the court default outlines, there has been no response from any responding party. The issues of the Declaratory Judgement filed on December 12, 2003, outline a totally unaccountable governor, justice dept, ethics and standards commission and court system. The failure to respond is out of complete breakdown at this time of the rule of Law in Oregon.

Oregon Government Speechless - "Cannot Respond" says Supreme Court Judge Durham

In August, 2000, Gastons appeared in oral hearing in the Oregon Supreme Court, addressing and making record of the same systemic fraud and corruption, still unchanged. Chief Justice Wallace Carson recused himself, Judge Robert Durham sat as presiding judge, now governor Ted Kulongoski sitting next to him on the videotape record (at When asked on the Record if the Oregon Supreme Court was "a court of constitutional judicial due process" by Pamela Gaston, Durham said "I CANNOT RESPOND further than to say you are in the Oregon Supreme Court". The court could not and did not and has not and is not established lawful jurisdiction.

The last meeting of the Oregon Law Commission, in December 2003, legislators, judges, executive administrative heads of the agencies admitted off the record in their workshop meeting that the langauge in the Oregon statutes cannot be defined, the statutes are "vague" and "ten different definitions" and "no definitions", that there is no standard in law in Oregon. The officers stated that "policy must be established first" "before we can talk about definitions we have to reach concensus on what the policy is". They stated that in Oregon you are "on your own" from court to court and county to county in how the people are treated, that what judges and District Attorneys are doing is totally arbitrary from one agency to another, with absolutely no redress or oversight for the people. These officers admitted that there is no defined or adhered to standard process.

The most basic maxim of law is that there has to be a standard that all can rely on equally from court to court, and that the truth is upheld in that courtroom, or there is NO LAW and NO REMEDY. "Void for Vagueness" is a constituitonal mandate, for which the writers of these statutes need to be prosecuted for violating. The people have trusted that the legislative counsellors were using the constitution as a criteria, finding out now that the corporate profit margins have been the ONLY criteria and consensus based unconstitutional rulemaking.

The Petitions filed are directed to these systemic issues. The evidence is clear and public now that in Oregon at this time there is no law or remedy available in the offices of public trust. These same systemic issues are operating in every state, national policies now since around l995, global statutes since l999. These same Petitions need to be filed in every state in Sui Juris, Ex Rel Petitions, establishing the facts and exposing the corrupt occupiers. It is about people - humans - accountability. WHO is doing WHAT, NOT about fiction "states" and "agencies" abusing people and not answering for their crimes in court. It stops now, on the Record.

As the petitions describe, hearings and full disclosure must begin now. The case has been made. The court is acknowledging the standing of the people, yet not yet "admitting or denying" anything. In court what is not disputed in the record becomes legal fact. The silence of the court and government is in itself the denial of the rights of the People and the affirmation in itself of the facts as stated in the Declaratory Judgement.

The denial of the court without answer solidifies the position of the People, the courts actions verify the Declaratory Judgement in itself that in fact our government HAS defaulted on the people. You see it here, real as this case number in the court. When these officers are subpoenaed into court their supboenaes are routinely quashed. In court their testimony blocked. The fraud and double standard could not be more blatant. Right now the Oregonian newspaper is talking about the fact that the Supreme Court does not answer the cases brought before the court. There is reported to be a Bar association report addressing this policy due in February. The Bar is the head of the corruption must be removed from the courtrooms and all three branches of government in which it is occupying now. The Bar IS where these corrupt policies are created, and whose "rules" have now supplanted lawful court process. WHERE IS THE LAWFUL COURT FOR THE PEOPLE'S PETITIONS TO BE HEARD AND REMEDY BROUGHT????

pamela gaston

The following Affidavit of Default was filed into the Oregon Supreme Court February 2, 2004.

Monday, February 02, 2004

New Letter from Dick Simkanin

This letter made me weep, not in sadness, but in joy knowing there are men like
him, who are fighting for truth. That has always been our goal, and all of us realize
the risks we have taken in the past, and those risks we may take in the future.

I'll comment on his letter after you read it. I'm going to edit some things out regarding
the discussion of his case. The rest is just as he wrote it.

27 Jan, 04 D.D.


My dear beloved friend, Al. I am so sorry to hear about your loved ones and their attitude about your courageous stand for what is right. No matter what they say to you, you are right. Don't ever forget that.

The newspaper says I'm looking at 129 years sentence. I'll tell you right now, I ain't giving
them 129 years. I'll be 60 years old in July of this year. I've decided to hang around
until I see the outcome of my appeal. If the appeal goes south, well I really don't
want to be any part of the New Amerika anyway, in prison or out

I have now been in prison over 7 months, and believe me, this unit I'm in, it seems like 7 years. They call this the Jail Unit. It is sealed off from the rest of the prison population(aobut 1200). This jail unit contains on the average about 90 inmates. Of this 90 most are sent here from all over the Southwest-South for mental evaluations. You can just imagine the type of people running loose in this unit. There are people who crow like roosters, bark and whine like sick dogs, talk to themselves all day long, hide out all day long, walk in circles from sunrise to sunset, can't speak a word of English, people coming off of hard drugs, murderers, rapists, bank robbers, dope dealers and smugglers, and all kinds of
drug related crime. The population is about 50% Mexican, 40% Black, and the rest white Anglo.

Prision has its own way with your mind. Prison gives the occupants NOTHING, but it takes
everything it can. The only relief from prison is sleep, so one tries to sleep as much as possible.

Like I said, prison has it's own way with your mind. In prison, you have a chance to think, analyse, and form conclusions, there's nothing else to do. Actually you could sit around and play cards and dominos with the above types all day long.

Al, the only way this corrupt court system will be fixed, is when God Himself fixes it. And I truly believe He is working on it, but in His time, not ours.

If I get out of this gov't hell hole, I will devote the rest of my life to IIChronicles 7:14 (If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.)

Al, the judicial system is totally corrupt. We are not going to win. The game is fixed. I know and you know what the organic law says. We have not committed any crime. We are both fighting the good fight and we will both suffer. Remember, we suffer not in vain. Right is right and truth is truth. It is only when we agree to participate in crime that we become criminals. So, I will not become a criminal to stay out of prison. I know that sounds funny, but it's true.

My next step is the 5th Circuit, appeal. Arch McColl is receiving input now from some 40 attorneys across the country. Every day Tom receives a not from a couple of attorneys, different one each day. He say it's like a coming out fo the closet party. More and more and more attorneys willing to say the Fed Tax System is being Grossly misapplied.

Here's something I just found out a couple of weeks ago. Congress (legislative Branch)
collects taxes. Opps, Gross Constitutional violation. Powers granted by the Constitution, actually deligated, cannot be redelegated to another branch, period. So by what authority is the Executive Branch collecting money??? Userpation of power, some might call it Treason. And there are several oversvations that have been right under our noses and we haven't
seen them.

But the lawyers coming out of the closet are starting to put some real light on things. We'll
see what happens! I contend that attorneys in general are not very bright people, but the one's at the top of the list are extremely bright people. I also contend that when we get enough of these brighter people to admit the truth, the rest will follow and down comes the IRS thugs.

So I can tell you for now is hang in there, fight the good fight and don't give an inch. We are

I love you my friend. You do not realize how much strength I have received from you. You
have been a blessing to me from God. Someday, some way I hope I have a chance to repay

Well, I better stop writing or I'll have to use 2 postage stamps to send this.

Don't take that to mean I don't have any money, I'm OK with my commisary funds to last
for awhile.

>>There's a new sound! Somebody's walking around quacking like a duck.<< Never
a dull moment in this place.

What's the status with Lynne Merrideth?

Are there any other new battles out there starting up?

Thank you for asking about Carole. She's doing a lot better and visits me once a week. Last week she reminded me that she hasn't and doesn't intend to forget about "for better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness and health, until death."

God bless you my friend and let me hear soon from you.


Al's comments on this letter:

Obviously, my emotions run the gamut on this one. Dick, is one of the nicest gentlemen I've ever met. I love this man
and I respect him because he is a man of honor and integrity. He's still only a man, but he is a man of principle, warmth,
and compassion.

Dick said, "I really don't want to be any part of the New Amerika anyway, in prison or out."
This was a stunning remark from him. I've been feeling the same way lately, observing the actions of the "government" as nothing more than a new age freak show. It's my opinion that this nation is going to collapse under the garbage
of its leadership. That's why Dick has taken the stand that he has, because he wants to see a better life for those
people who will live after we're long gone. If any of us cared about ourselves, we would have simply paid the
tax and live our own lives in peace. However, Dick and I realize that by doing the latter, we would be living in our
on delusion of freedom, when the fact is we would be nothing more than corporate slaves helping to perpetuate
the new world disorder.

"Prison gives its occupants NOTHING, but it takes everything it can", said Simkanin. Yes, that's true,
and if functions the same way that our "government" does. The "government" takes everything it can, and leaves
us nothing. The whole country has been put in prison. It is the prison of the mind, and the lack of truth. Our government
functions as our slave masters and it happens because we consent to it.

We consent by turning a blind eye to the suffering of others. We consent by getting our "fair share" while we turn
away our compassion for other peoples' suffering. We consent when we continue to elect morons into public
office who will never protect our rights. We consent by pleading into their non functional, law merchant courts.
We consent because we think this could never happen to us. We consent because we willingly turn our eyes
away from God's law.

It is supposed to be the job of government to protect the rights of the people.
Why do we continue to vote for this kind of injustice? My suggestion is to never again vote, until we get a valid
republican government back in functioning order. I'm ashamed that I ran for Congress. Had I won the election,
I'd just be a sales rep. for the new world order. I probably would have been thrown out anyway.

I disagree with Dick's hope that attorneys will see the light. The only way I could accept that, is if many attorneys
turned in their bar cards. My view is that attorneys are dangerous vipers, and if one wants to stay out of the
snake pit, he certainly doesn't want to hire a viper. Hiring an attorney is like sucking on a pacifier; the problem
is that it doesn't give any milk.

The "court" system is a pit of snakes. It is an intellectual hell hole that serves the unseemly rot that it generates.
Their damnation does not slumber and the actors will reap the whirlwind.

I am honored to be called a "beloved friend" of Dick Simkanin. I cry of joy, that maybe someday, Dick's message,
and yes, my message will not fall on deaf ears, but will fall upon the ears of those who want a better life
for the people of this nation.

Al Thompson


Please, all of you who care about Dick, please send him a letter. These letters are important to him as you can see he
can get quite bored from the day to day routine. Let's not forget about him as he is a man of principle.

Richard Simkanin
REG# 30383-177
FMC Jail Unit
P. O. Box 15330
Fort Worth, Texas 76119