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Friday, October 29, 2004

Poster Child for Ignorance of the Law
April 16th, 2004 United States Distric Court Eastern District of California
"Judge" Frank C. Damrell presiding
Judge: "Mr Thompson, you are the poster child for the ignorance of the law."
Gee, I thought that was kind of a funny remark given that since I'm so ignorant of the law, the Department of Justice won't tell me what it is.
It was all I could do was to keep from cracking up at this remark.

As many of you already know, I was captured by the US Marshall Service (Brown Shirts) on April 15th, 2004 for an alleged contempt of court. I will provide details of the ongoing case later in the article. I haven't posted much on this incident because I wanted to take the time to absorb what had happened and I didn't want to be distracted in answering any questions until I could evaluate the situation and act accordingly. So I'm posting this now so that people who were interested in what is happening regarding me can understand it from my viewpoint.

My son Tim and I were planning to go to lunch around 12:30 PM that day, and a suburban with two unidentified men drove up to my driveway and they got out and put my hands behind my back. They did not show any warrant nor did they identify themselves. I struggles a little bit as I didn't know who they were, and one agent said if I continued he would put pepper spray in my eyes. My son Tim was visibly upset and asked them for identification. They told my son, who was 19 years old that if he continued to ask that question, that they would arrest him too. It really takes a real bunch of shmucks to threaten a young man who was simply asking for identification.

I keep asking for the warrant and none was presented.

I was then treated to a ride down to the Sacramento County Jail. I keep asking the agent or whatever you want to call him for the warrant, and he just glared at me. At one point, as I was sitting on a bench in the intake area, the agent told me to slide down to the end of the bench. I thought I would act like a sovereign and I said, "No thanks, I'm comfortable right here." He then grabbed me by the shirt, and slid me down where he wanted me. His veins were buldging from his neck, and he said something like, "Don't f**k with me...this isn't the place for you to screw around, if you want to screw around...we can make it very difficult for you...." I replied, "Are you threatening me?" The agent then backed off a bit and I went to the next processing point. There, they wanted any medical data which I refused to give. I have hypertension, but I didn't want any medication from them, in fact, without a warrant I had no reason to be there in the first place. I was getting some slight chest pains from the experience, but I didn't want anything from these people.

I was then put in a holding cell with about fifteen other prisoners and I waited until they wanted my picture and fingerprints. I didn't want to give them up, so I resisted and pulled my hands back from the machine they use for such purposes. Upon doing that, I had my hands contorted by the officers, by arms twisted like a pretzel until I submitted to having my finger prints and photo taken. As they were twisting my arms, one "officer" said, "You gotta pay your taxes, Thompson." Remember, all of this is over an issue of wanting me to fill out forms that I have no legal duty to do, but I'll comment more on that later.

As I was being marched down another hallway, there was a sheriff deputy that started walking along side. He kept looking over his left shoulder at various intervals. Upon getting to the next processing point he said, "Thompson, I sure hope you're right about the income tax....I just paid those bastards $19,000." I told him amoung other things, that the internal revenue laws were repealed in 1939 and that there isn't any law that requires one to pay such a tax. It's interesting how varied the opinions are within the ranks of the personnel in the "government." Some think I'm a crook and some hope that I am correct.

After all the processing, I was treated to a nice two man suite on the 8th floor where we all were locked down 23 hours out of 24. We got one hour per day to take a shower and make a phone call. The cuisine was bad, but since I'm on a diet anyway, the quality of the food, or lack of it, made it quite easy to stay on the diet. As a matter of fact, it is amazing how well one's body can do without so much food. I already have lost 52 pounds, so I was hoping for another 5 or 6 lost during my stay. I was not disappointed.

Jail food is really something else. These guys go out of their way to make things taste bad. But then again, they really don't care about their customers. Some things that they served couldn't be identified. Some of us were trying to figure out what it was let a lone eat the junk. Is it beef? Is it pork, tofu, chicken, cocker spaniel, German shepard, rattle snake........what?

Sometime before my initial court appearance, a federal defender came in and said that the judge sent him and he wanted to know if I needed a lawyer. I asked him if he knew the difference between a code and a statute. He just looked at me...and I said," I thought so..." "How can you defend me if you don't know the difference?" Whether he knew or not, I can't say. I proceeded to tell him that there is no way he could help me as if he really did put up a good defense for me, he'd lose his bar card. He didn't disagree. He did act as a messenger and delivered whatever paperwork the government had for me. During all this time, no one from the government came in to speak with me.

On April 16th, 2004 I had to get up at 3:00AM to get ready for court at 9:00-11:00AM.
When I went before Judge Damrell, I knew I was in for a lot of problems. Remember, when one goes into federal court, you have the judge, prosecutor, federal defender, and bailiff, all government employees against you. The deck is stacked, and they deal from the bottom.

It is difficult to get up that early, be lead down in chains, wait in a holding cell, and then perform effectively before a judge who does this kind of thing everyday. So one needs to be as prepared as he can be, but experiencing something like this is hard to prepare for.

Here's a short recap of my case. I was presented with a suit for an injunction that would force me to fill out 941s, withhold,W2s, and post court papers in my office. This started around July of 2003.

I had served the court with a plea in abatement, which they eventually struck from the record. I subsequently filled a counter-claim which remains unanswered, and I also file a writ of habeas corpus which also want not answered or responded to. The DOJ then filled for sanctions for filing the plea in abatemenst because as a "pro se" litigant, of which I am not, I should have, according to them, stayed within the boundaries of what they wanted. It didn't matter to them that I was attempting to protect my rights. But these courts simply ignore whatever one files, especially if it is critical of the government.

I was then served with more papers regarding the contempt of court. I had not complied with the order, as I already had a writ of habeas corpus and jurisdiction wasn't proven.
But the court continued to move forward as if I had filed nothing. This is typical and should be noted if anyone thinks that there is any lawful due process going on in these tribunals. I sent back these documents as "Refusal for Cause, Without Dishonor" and I treated them just like I would commercial paper. Well, they obviously can't let me get away with that, so I was captured by the Brown Shirts and taken into captivity.

So around April 20th or there abouts, I had agreed to comply with the order. The order stated that I was to complete accurate returns. That didn't seem so hard if the government would prove that I am an "employer" and a "person" according to the law. The judge told me if I had any kind of questions that I was to direct them to the government. He said, "Any questions are between you and the government." So I agreed to file accurate returns according to the law.

On May 7th, I sent in an urgent message to the Department of Justice requesting certification under the penalty of perjury by a competent witness that I am an "employer" and a "person" according to the law. They must have popped a gasket in Washington and my answer was a call for my second arrest. Rather than provide me with the tools I needed to get the job done, I was threatened with yet again another kidnaping. In addition, I had done this four weeks before the date these returns were due to be filed.

Of course I had a good idea this might happen but I gave the government the benefit of the doubt. My position is that I would do what was lawful and proper and never be a man who is arrogant and just does what he wants because he wants to argue with the government.

I had then filed a notice of default on the Plaintiffs and I did not show up at the scheduled June 25th hearing as I had treated the order as a void order. Apparently a "oral order" for a warrant was put out against me and they took until August 9th to come and pick me up once again for yet another joy ride in the government SUV to the Sacramento county jail.

I was dragged before "judge" Damrell and I was once again told that "You have the keys to the jail....." which is really a pantload as I wasn't the one who arrested myself. I was told that until I complied with his order I would remain imprisioned. I told the "judge" that as far as I am concerned, unless the government could procuce the taxing statute and the substantive regulations, that I could not fill out the IRS forms as it would constitute lying and perjury.

If I recall there was another hearing a few weeks later where I demanded to be released. I had also informed the "judge" that the internal revenue laws were repealed in 1939 and never re-enacted again. He didn't care. He said something to the effect, "the only law that you need to worry about is my law and that you obey my order." So there I was put between a rock and a hard place to say the least. If I were to comply to get out of jail I would have to sign a document under the penalty of perjury of which I would not believe one thing that I would put on it. It gets worse. Even if I wanted to comply, I was expected to complete three or four years returns in a jail cell when all the data was only retrievable by me. We had a short staff do to the difficult business conditions in aviation and there was no possible way to comply if I wanted to. So there I was in Sacramento County Jail going through this and cut off from my family and friends, with the exception of a few phone calls.

Since we were locked down, (remaining in a two man cell) for 22 out of 24 hours, I had to make an incredible mental adjustment from being very active to watching the time go so slow that a day seemed like a year. I started to pray and study the law some more and I had a lot of time to think things out that I wouldn't have otherwise done as I was completely cut off from all distractions. I wouldn't want to repeat the experience, but it was invaluable in learning how to control my mind and stay focused on what needed to be done.

It was also hard early on to get paper and pencil let alone file any court paperwork. But about five weeks into this fiasco, I was able to get the job done, but without the help of any word processor or law library. I had to had write my motions and then make about seven or eight copies by pencil on a white tablet. Needless to say, I had to keep these motions short as I wasn't going to do any 10 or 15 page briefs in pencil. That turned out to be a good thing.

On Sept 17th, I filed a Motion for Release from Jail, Notice of Fraud upon the Court, and something else I can't remember. I filed the document as an Article III, Section 1 Court of Record. This is an unusual move as it shifts the court into the common law. When I had learned this procedure, I was told that it was only for original suits, counterclaims, and writs of habeas corpus. However, I modified this procedure to include any kind of motion I wanted. To understand this information and the difference between nisi prius courts (USDC and courts of record go to Since I'm the sovereign, I decided to simply proceed in law.

The paperwork wasn't filed into the court until September 29th and the government was ordered to respond by October 20th. The government response was nothing but nonsense and it's hard to believe these US Attorneys graduated from law school. I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I do understand what my rights as a man are and how to secure them to my benefit. The government's focus was how much time it would take in prison it would take for me to decide that I would fill out the forms. It's like wondering how much bamboo under the fingernails will work until I give a confession.

Thus the hearing was set for October 29th, and a lot of my friends and supporters were going to be at the hearing. However, a few days before I got the feeling the court would change the date, and that's exactly what happened. Around 3:00AM October 28th, a letter from the USDC was slide under my cell door informing me that the hearing was set on that same day. It was one day early so that not too many people would be in the courtroom. It never ceases to amaze me the lengths these people go to in order to hide their misdeeds.

I was taken in front of the "judge" at about 10:00 AM and what happened next was surreal. The "judge" held up the motion that I filed and then berated me on the style and form, and that he didn't understand hardly anything I stated in the motion. My motion wasn't that difficult and it essentially called for the disclosure, once again, for the taxing statutes and the substantive regulations that applies to me. The "judge" also stated that if this was another kind of case he might have me committed for a mental evaluation. But the hearing was supposedly for whether or not the coercive part of the contempt is doing its job in forcing me to comply. Ms. Graham from the DOJ whined to the "judge" that I was in jail barely three months and that's not enough time to force me to comply and that in fact some contempt cases had gone over a year or maybe two. The "judge" however wasn't buying her argument and decided to release me from jail. But he went on to say that my arguments were "frivolous" when in fact all I was doing was again, asking for the taxing statute.

Now I believe he must have been under pressure because my friends had filed a complaint for false imprisonment, writ of habeas corpus, and a 5th Amendment brief and sent it up to the Supreme Court a week earlier. These were 10 lb packages sent to all nine justices. The same thing went to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. These were direct jurisdictional challenges which were of course never answered.

What is difficult about all of this is that we don't know what combination of paperwork worked, but it must have had a cumulative effect. It was outstanding paperwork given the amount of time they had to prepare it for me. And of course my position was simply that I wasn't going to lie on any forms of any kind.

But again, this is a typical example of government arrogance masquerading under the color of law. These courts are evil places to be in and sometimes we can't avoid them when we are taken into custody without lawful warrants, orders, or jurisdiction. It's seems to be based upon raw force of arms and not any lawful reasoning.

So I'm glad to be home and a lot of my friends were very glad and excited for my release. My friend Rick bought me a double Tequila with a salt rim, a beer, and a great Mexican lunch in Sacramento's Old Town.

However, this kind of "judicial" tyranny needs to be corrected. The court system in broken and it is in need of serious repair.

But this was a classic case of the truth versus the lie and of course the truth won out. Yes, I'm worn out from the jail experience. Some have told me that the Sacramento County Jail is one of the worst jails in the world. Some say it has a high suicide rate and it is a very depressing place to be. But my faith in God kept me going and the letters that were sent were very much appreciated.

What seemed to do the job was teamwork. Once we got our system going things happened very fast. Standing upon our rights as free men and women was indespensible in securing my freedom.

Too many in the patriot movement are going into courts wanting to argue their points when these courts won't hear it and can't hear it and the only remedy is simply shifting the burden of proof. It still comes down to the basics. We all are born with rights that come from God and not from any man-made document of law. We must make sure that when we are in the courts that we secure our rights at all costs.

We also cannot stand by will our friends take the hit and we all do nothing but whine about it. We all need more preparation in how to survive trouble when it comes.

Stand on the truth and then let God do the rest.


Al Thompson

Thursday, July 15, 2004

The Fish Defense

As I turn and churn my way through the "court" system, there has been a lot of talk about the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT operating under admiralty.  It certainly appears to me that it is a combination of admiralty and war powers.  The way these courts function is so absurd it defies one's imagination.
I was talking with another researcher and she told me of one of her clients to made the statement in one of his legal papers that he is not a fish, he doesn't inhabit the sea, and he doesn't live upon the ocean.  What was interesting about this man is that his legal document was successful.  Now we don't know if the fish statement helped his case, but he did have it in the document and a bunch of us had a big laugh over it.  While this sounds ridiculous on the surface just look at what the First Continental Congress stated in 1774.
Whereas, since the close of the last war, the British parliament, claiming a power, of right, to bind the people of America by statutes in all cases whatsoever, hath, in some acts, expressly imposed taxes on them, and in others, under various presences, but in fact for the purpose of raising a revenue, hath imposed rates and duties payable in these colonies, established a board of commissioners, with unconstitutional powers, and extended the jurisdiction of courts of admiralty, not only for collecting the said duties, but for the trial of causes merely arising within the body of a county"
I was sitting at my computer musing about all of this and I got in one of those moods where I couldn't resist the temptation to write something up on it.  Some people who know me said I had too much time on my hands.   I agree. 
Working with this kind of material is an oppression of one's mind and I decided to just cut loose and show how absurd things can get.  This is just for fun and it did not happen any court...I just made it up for my own entertainment and amusement.  Although it was inspired by events that happened to me.
Judge:  Mr. Thompson
AT: (in wrist, waist, and ankle chains) Are you addressing me? Judge: Yes
AT:  I am not a fish.
Judge: What in the hell are you talking about?
AT: I'm not a fish, whale, or any other sea or water creature.
Judge: If your trying to be a smart alleck, I'm going to hold you in contempt of this court.
AT:  Sir, I want to make very sure that I don't inadvertently fall into some kind of admiralty proceeding.  While were discussing this, I'm not a vessel.  So I don't swim underwater and breath through any gills.  I am not the Capt. of THE LOVE BOAT.
Judge: This is not an admiralty proceeding!  This is a statutory court.
AT: Is this an Article III court?
Judge: Yes
AT:  What statute did I allegedly violate?  Remember, I'm not a fish!
Judge: Shut up!  Or I'll send you for psychiatriac evaluation for 30 days.
AT:  I'll go if you go.
AT:  If you say this is a statutory court, where's the statute?
Judge:  I can't give you any legal advice.  You may hire an attorney, or if you can't afford one, the court will provide one for you.
AT:  This sounds fishy to pun intended.  First you say this is a statutory court yet I'm not charged with any statutes.  I ask for the statutes and you give me an off point answer that you "can't give me any legal advice".  And furthermore, I resent being Shanghaied onto this vessel.  I do not consent to being Shanghaied and I also resent being treated like a beached whale or sturgeon.
Judge:  Mr. Thompson  Are you TRYING to go to jail?
AT:  If you look up the term "fish royal" in Blacks you won't think I'm so crazy.  I am not a fish.
AT: And you had me Shanghaied by the US Marshall Service...I think they called them Brown Shirts in Nazi Germany.  Your Brown Shirts picked me up without a lawful warrant.  I believe sir, that is some kind of Title 18 offense...that's assuming that the DOJ attorneys know how to read something other than Mein Kampf.
Judge:  I'm giving you one more warning Mr. Thompson, I'm not going to tolerate you disrupting this courtroom with your nonsense.  You have to have respect and you've essentially thumbed your nose at this court.
AT:  That's your opinion, actually the court has to earn respect by helping to preserve the rights of any man or woman who comes before this court.  So far, all I can see here is raw power, where the fish is caught into the net and then simply processed. I am not a fish.  I am not the LOVE BOAT or any other vessel.  I'm not a fiction, I'm not a corporation, I'm not a belligerent, I'm not an insurrectionist.  I am not Moby Dick nor am I Captian Hook.  I am a man on the land, and I am a neutral and I'm not at war with anyone.  And I don't spell my name in ALL CAPS.  I learned real English..not this legal babble. I've been Shanghaied into this "court."
Judge:  Sir, you had a lawful warrant out on you.  
 AT: Wellllllllll..............If you did, then why didn't your Brown Shirts produce it?
Judge:  They are not Brown Shirts!!
AT:  If they picked me up without a lawful warrant, what else am I supposed to think?  You had me Shanghaied and YOU violated the law, not me.  And now the liability is on you.  I'm not that dumb, I know a lawful warrant when I see one.  The problem is that I've never seen a lawful warrant.  By what authority do you have me Shanghaied?
Judge: You are under the jurisdiction of UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT.
AT:  Well, we know this court isn't in law, we know there's no it can't be it must be admiralty.  I am not a fish.  I am not the Captian of the LOVE BOAT or any other vessel...I am not a vessel.  I might be a little dingy but I am not a dingy.


Shrink:  Mr. Thompson, I'd like to conduct an examination on you.  You are going to be under our care (captivity) for 30 days and we are going to evaluate your mental and emotional condition and then give a report back to the judge.
AT:  Is he taking a test too?
Shrink:  No.
AT:  I'm not a fish.....
Shrink: What did you say?
AT: I'm not a fish.....I'm not a whale...I'm not a sea or water creature..that's what I mean when I say I'm not a fish.
Shrink:  What in the world?  What do you mean you're not a fish?
AT: I'm not a fish!
Shrink:  Are you crazy?
 AT:  Why, do YOU think I'm a fish?
Shrink: This is the most insane thing I've ever heard.
AT: I'm sorry, but I'm not a fish.  If you think I'm a fish..then just say so...we're friends.  I'm not here to hurt anyone.
Shrink:  I didn't say "I think you are a fish."
AT:  Then why were you so surprised when I said "I'm not a fish?"  It almost seems that you were disappointed that I'm not a fish.
Shrink:  Shut up!  Damn it.  I'm not disappointed that you are not a fish.
AT:  But you really wanted me to be a fish didn't you?
Shrink: No
AT: OK, so what's your point?  I told you I'm not a what.
Shrink:  But why would you say such a thing?
AT: Look I'm sorry.  I also have to include mammals here, so I'm not a whale.........I'm also not a sturgeon.  I'm not Moby Dick.
Shrink:  That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
AT: Do you have something against a fish with breasts?
AT:  Hey, you're supposed to be the shrink...if you make me feel stupid, I'll sue you for lowering my self-esteem.
Shrink:  Ok, Ok, let's just try to get along.
AT:  Famous words from Rodney King...he's not a fish either.  But the cops pounded on him like he was a dead fish...You don't suppose???????????
Shrink: Very funny
AT: It's not funny, you think the beating of Rodney King was funny?  Are you a racist?  Hey, you don't like black people.  I'll sue you for a civil rights violation.
Shrink: I'm losing my patience with you Mr. Thompson
AT:  Are you going to beat me like a fish?  I'm not a fish....

Shrink (to a superior):  I have been visiting with Mr. Thompson, and he says, "He's not a fish." Is that the craziest thing you've ever heard?  
Superior:  Why no!  He's right he's not a fish..he's just telling you the truth..what's the matter with you?
Superior:  Hey, we're supposed to keep him for 30 days.
Shrink:  We couldn't keep enough drugs into that asshole to shut him up for thirty days without killing him.  And don't give me any ideas.  GET HIM OUTTA HERE NOW!

Sunday, April 11, 2004

The Earth is Flat

One of the most astounding experiences I've encountered in working with this income tax issue is the fact that people, even those in the "patriot" community cannot believe that the internal revenue laws were repealed in 1939.

When it comes to revisionist history, I myself get so wrapped up in what I normally believe, that when I'm confronted with a truth I didn't know before, it takes some time in asorbing it and getting the new information to sink in. In earlier history many people believed that the Earth was flat and that any other view was simply heresy.

I had attended a Dan Meador research meeting around May 2002. Jack Cohen, an outstanding researcher, held up the 1939 Revenue Code book he brought and said, "Hey guys, the internal revenue laws were repealed and never reenacted!" I watched him say this, and the other researchers didn't pay much attention to him and continued with their presentations. I initially got excited, but because the other researchers didn't think much of it, I forgot about it. I knew Jack wasn't crazy, but I thought that maybe he was just assuming something that wasn't important. Or perhaps, Jack didn't have a full string of fish.

But the sad fact is, that even someone like myself is subject to the Earth is Flat syndrome along with many other people in the "Patriot" movement.
I've been discussing this for quite a few months now, and it still hasn't taken hold like I thought it would. There are no internal revenue laws as they were repealed and never reenacted. How can people be sent to jail when there are no laws to violate? It is because through their ignorance and the ignorance of public officials, this kind of scam has been able to flourish because of many variables, but primarily through the ineffective educational system.

In April 2004, I started to study the difference between positive and non positive law and I called Jack and we went to work on it and the issue of the 1939 repeal came up. Now I'm not the sharpest knive in the drawer, but I was noticing that court actions coming from the DOJ had no verified complaints with any competent witness. Many of us knew that there were no statutes that imposed a tax, but I realized that all of us had mistaken codes for statutes. They are not the same. We also started to realize that if we were going to be charged with something like a code violation, there would have to be an underlying statute if the codes were non positive law such as Title 26 of the Internal Revenue Code. The IRS claims to be enforcing internal revenue laws, and we knew that they refuse to "show us the law." No taxing statute has ever been provided by anyone from the government. And without the taxing statute and to whom it attaches, the government has no case against anyone.

Jack pointed out to me that the fact that the internal revenue laws were repealed, made all the subsequent tax codes null and void as they have no
underlying statutes.

Today, in our country, with the income tax due date of April 15th, millions of ignorant people will file their returns without ever questioning the validity of what they are doing. Our problem in solving this issue is to get people to understand how laws are made and how one becomes subject to them.

What most people don't realize is that any common law, statutes, codes, regulations must all relate back to the common law and ultimately must not conflict with God's law or natural law. If we use this principle in applying various laws and understand the underlying foundation of law, we can then understand how to proceed with our lives and keep the government in its lawful place.

The chain of lawful authority is as follows:

God's Laws
Man, as a creation of God is subject to His laws.
Government is subject to man's laws and if the government's "laws" are out of line with God's Laws then chaos will result.

The problem as I see it is that we have had a total reversal of the line of authority. Government has taken the position of God, and has made men into artificial creations (ALL CAPS in the name), and has put God last. By shifting the position with God, the Government has put itself in the place of God thus
creating a false God who will not honor or bless the men and women He created. If man is the creator of government then it is the government who is subject to the sovereignty of the man, and not the other way around.

So we find ourselves within a system that is chaotic with no foundation built upon the truth. We need to reverse the process and put the lawful authority back in the order of natural law.

The natural law tells us that the Earth is a sphere, and it is not flat. But year ago, people were persecuted because they didn't believe that the Earth is Flat. All of us have to overcome this mindset and learn more facts and then act upon the truth.

The people who live in this country have been subjected to revisionist history that sets them down the path to mental slavery. Once the mind is enslaved, the body, mind, and soul also become subject to this delusion. All of us need to learn how to think and to make our lives work properly under the natural order of life.

The repeal of the 1939 internal revenue code serves as an outstanding example of how we all can be deceived by our own preconceived notions.

Al Thompson

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Uptergrove Raid: Interview with Chuck

This is an interview with Chuck courtesy of Doug Kenline

Doug has been very instrumental in getting me to use this new media, and for that I am very grateful for his encouragement.

This is the real world folks. As you know, Chuck's business and home were raided, by what I consider, a non governmental goon squad. This nonsense is happening all over the country and these raids are not in the least lawful. They violate every basic right of a man or a woman.

Please take the time to listen to this. And while your listening realize that the internal revenue laws were repealed in 1939 and the seals of the business cards do not match the one authorized by the Government of the United States.

Al Thompson

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Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Interview with Al Thompson Regarding the Uptergrove Raid

My thanks to Fred Smart in providing the links to the audioblog that I did with him this morning.

1st Segment

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2nd Segment

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3rd Segment

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4th Segment

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Uptergrove Raid: Follow UP

Yesterday I wrote the following but it didn't seem to get posted so I'll include it here.

Update: 11:35AM April 6th, 2004

Chuck Uptergrove just met with the local sheriff. Lt. Michael Salvator was on duty. We have the exchange on video tape and filmed the IRS agents entering and leaving the building.

Chuck made a citizens arrest on Marilyn Collins "revenue officer", however, Lt. Michael Salvator was not willing to take her into custody because he wasn't sure if he had authority to do it. However, he did accept the criminal complaint and stated that the proper authorities will definitely look into the matter.

And this is the problem we have because the law enforcement officers do not have the proper knowledge to do their jobs correctly. We are not blaming the Lt., however, this is a fundamental problem that all law enforcement officers have because they've been extremely uneducated in law.

However, the criminal complaint is now on the record and we will see how the rest of the officials do their job. I'm waiting for a copy of the video and I'll try to make it available as soon as it is ready.

Follow Up

This is probably the most important aspect of attempting to get a lawful remedy. It appears that our law enforcement officers either will refuse to do their jobs and they will had over this criminal complaint to "county" counsel. Which means that the complaint will be turned over to an esquire who will attempt to ignore it. I didn't one a few years ago on a judge and it was simply thrown into the trash. Don't ask how I found out.

Here is how they do the drill. We file a criminal complaint and the sheriff passes the buck to the county attorney, the county attorney tells the elected official to ignore it and usually the problem goes away. They will take the short term heat for the long term gain. This is also done if you want to complain about the bogus "tax liens" at the county recorders. You will complain to the elected official, they in turn will give it to an unelected esquire, and the esquire will ignore the complaint and then nothing happens. This is how they keep the system going. If you do manage to get a case into a court, you'll have no due process because the judge, operating an administrative tribunal rather than a judicial court, simply rules against you and perhaps will fine you for bringing in frivolous arguments. So the system is protected at all levels, first from the sherrif's office, and then by the county counsel. When confronted with their wrongdoings each will point the finger at each other and then nothing gets done.

So in Chuck's case we need to respectfully keep up the pressure.

Here is the contact information.

Madera County Sheriff's Headquarters
14143 Rd 28
Madera Ca. 93638
Emergencies 24 Hours - Call 911
Administrative Monday - Friday 8 am - 5 pm (559) 675-7787
Information 24 Hours (559) 675-7770
Coroner 24 Hours (559) 675-7770
Office Of Emergency Services 24 Hours (559) 675-7770


Now remember, you need to be respectful. These sheriffs don't know the information we do so you'll need to be patient, but an investigation needs to be conducted now to end this fraud upon the people. Also remember, that these Sheriff departments depend a lot of federal money for their day to day operations. You might want to remind him that not one penny of "income" taxes goes to run the Government of the United States. Nothing could be so
simple to explain to him that the internal revenue laws were repealed in 1939 and never again re-enacted or amended.

However, even if I was wrong, and I'm not, the IRS as represented to Chuck Uptergrove via their business cards, does not use the authorized seals
of the Government of the United States.

Chuck is a family man and he is in dire straights as we speak. His property has been stolen and he is struggling to make ends meet.

Tell this sheriff and others around the country that it is time to end this fraud. It is the men and women of the nation who hold the key to effective change. Nothing will change unless we demand it and keep up the pressure.

All the evidence of this fraud is well known and well documented. This income tax fraud has to end now, not a year from now, not two years from now,
it has to be now.

Let's get it done respectfully and peacefully. We as men and women, who are the creations of our Creator, have to have a government that respects our rights. No man has the right to steal from another and it is people who masquerade as the government who are eating out out substance, destroying our families, and ruining our businesses. Our wifes are suffering greatly as they only wish to peacefully take care of their families. My marriage of 32 years has been ruined my activities and my wife wants a divorce. She can't live with me anymore because of all of this nonsense.
Chuck's wife is almost at the breaking point. We are suffering great pain but that is not going to deter us from attempting to make a change for the
better of all of us.

And don't forget about Dick Simkanin who has been in jail for over nine months over an alleged violation of a law that doesn't exist. How much of this garbage are we going to take from a system that takes everything and gives us nothing but tyranny and oppression.

I've spoken to many public officials and not all of them are crooks but they feel helpless because of the way the attorneys and courts operate. We need to put them on notice that we aren't going to tolerate their lawlessness any longer.

It is time to end it now.


Al Thompson

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Uptergrove Raid: Criminal Complaint

I am posting the criminal complaint of the Uptergroves to be presented to the Madera County Sheriff, John P. Anderson. There are a group of people who are going to attempt to hold the Sheriff accountable to duly enforce the law. We as a country cannot continue to live like slaves and sheep to being fleeced at the whim of our elected and non elected officials. Regardless, of the nature of the Government, stealing is wrong and this issue must be addressed now. For too long the "patriot" movement fumbles with codes and regulations with no lasting effect on the course of this massive fraud the IRS and the powers that be instigate against the American people. We are getting bogged down with details and we are getting nothing accomplished.
To this end, this complaint has been filed and we will see how the Sheriff reacts when confronted with this information.

While I have my opinion on how this will go, it is important that all of us hold these officials accountable and make them uphold the law.

At 10:00 AM this morning, Marilyn Collins will arrive at the Madera County Sheriff's office to return Chuck's wallet and other personal property that was included in the stolen truck. At this time the Sheriff will be served with the following complaint and the arrest of Marilyn Collins of the IRS will be demanded.

I will report on the results of this meeting as soon as the information becomes available.

Al Thompson

Martha Gene Freeman Uptergrove
Charles Wayne Uptergrove
26662 Road 23
Chowchilla, California
Phone: 559-665-2020
Cell: 559-479-0897

Sheriff John P. Anderson
Madera County Sheriff
14143 Rd 28
Madera Ca. 93638

April 6th, 2004

Criminal Complaint

We submit this criminal complaint against the following:

Marilyn Collins ID # 77-00362
Douglas Hall Group Manager
Gary Green Territory Manager
Peggy Rule Area Director
Department of the Treasury
5104 N. Blythe Ave.
Fresno, CA 93722

Douglas G. McDonald
Property appraisal and
Liquidation Specialist
Department of the Treasury
751 Daily Drive
Suite 100
Camarillo, CA 93010

Dennis D. Stiffler
Revenue Officer
Identification Number 94-02576
Small Business/Self-Employed
625 North Akers Street
Visalia, California 93291

B. Eltrich
Deputy Sheriff
Madera County Sheriff

John Does 1-10
Eppler Towing
22704 Avenue 18 ½
Madera, California 93637-9768

US Marshall Service
John Does 1-4
Location Unknown

John Does 1-15
Criminal Investigation Department
Internal Revenue Service
Location Unknown

On the morning of April 1st, 2004 the above mentioned persons came to our home and business which is located at the above mentioned address and committed the following but not limited to the following crimes:

  • Robbery
  • Burglury
  • Breaking and Entering
  • Unlawful detainment
  • Violation of Due Process
  • Fraud
  • Extortion
  • False pretenses
  • Perjury

Department of the Treasury-Internal Revenue Service

All of the above mentioned persons from the IRS have made false claims against us under the color of law without any foundation of fact or evidence of law. In fact, the IRS in its own brochure included in the "court" papers states the following: "You are responsible for paying only the correct amount of tax due under the law-no more, no less." However, we have found that all internal revenue laws were repealed in 1939.
Therefore, there is no law that would make us liable for any tax nor is there any evidence of a contract between us and the IRS.
(See Exhibit A)

The above mentioned persons from the IRS gave us business cards with purported seals that do not match the authorized seals from the Department of the Treasury. Seals are important to establish lawful authority to operate as representatives of the Government of the United States. The above mentioned persons from the IRS do not have any lawful delegation of authority from the Government of the United States.
(See Exhibit B)

We also are enclosing a copy of Treasury Order 150-01, which created 33 District and 4 Regional offices under the Commissioner of Internal Revenue. (Exhibit C) We are also enclosing a copy of TO 150-02,(Exhibit D) which cancelled 150-01, and legally closed all 37 offices created by it. The only offices under the Commissioner today are those enumerated in 150-02, and this “revenue officer” and said agents offices is not among them. Further, note that the Commissioner is not authorized to collect taxes, but if he were , it would only be in the District of Columbia. It is the job of Congress to lay and collect taxes. 4 USC 72 says that all offices attached to the seat of the government are to be exercised in the District of Columbia, and not elsewere, except as expressly provided by law. We do not live in the District of Columbia nor are we on any federal territories or insular possessions. And why would the IRS continue to operate out of offices that have been decommissioned? The only reason we can see is that they are simply crooks and thieves.

We are also enclosing the first part of the Act of 1939, in which Congress repealed all the internal revenue laws. (Exhibit E)

Thus said IRS officers and agents are not a part of the Government of the United States and lack any authority to seize or confiscate any of our property. And as such, said agents or officers of the IRS have committed felonious crimes against us and our property.

Our property was stolen under the force of arms without any lawful authority. Ms. Collins entered our property with no lawful warrant and there was no sworn affidavit of any alleged debt owed to the Government of the United States. There were and still are not any lawful tax liens against us or our property. Any "Notice of Tax Lien" would have to have an abstract of judgment from a court of competent jurisdiction and none exists.

Again, the seals on their business cards show that they are of an unknown agency and an unknown jurisdiction acting under the color of law.

They stole our trucks, equipment, and some were not our property, but they were the property of associates and friends of our family.

These IRS agents set off a chain of events that other contractors and agencies got involved in and they also violated our rights and stole our property. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

Therefore, we respectfully demand that the Madera County Sheriff investigate this criminal complaint and take any lawful action against those who either directly stole our property or conspired to have our property robbed from us. We demand that our property be returned immediately.

We also demand the arrest and incarceration of said IRS agents for theft and other possible felonies. There is no other way to describe what happened to us at our home.

Charles Wayne, Uptergrove was unlawfully restrained by B. Eltrich for approximately one hour in handcuffs when Uptergrove was not a threat to anyone. Understandably, he was upset about being robbed but he maintained his decorum given the circumstances.

US Marshals appeared with M-16s which is used for military operations and weapons of war are not to be used against peaceful men and women in our own country.

We reserve to amend this complaint as new information is acquired by us.


The Sheriff of Madera County has jurisdiction and that the difference between federal and State jurisdiction is not an issue at this time, as the IRS is not an authorized agency or bureau of the Government of the United States and all actions perpetrated by them have been and are completely outside the law. However, if indeed the IRS was an agency or bureau of the Government of the United States, its authority, according to 4 USC 72 would be limited to the District of Columbia. The Sheriff of Madera County, since he works in law enforcement should know the difference between federal and state jurisdiction and to whom and where it applies.


What the IRS is doing is enforcing a law and/or contract that doesn’t exist and that they are not officers of the Government of the United States. The evidence is quite clear and easy to understand if one takes the time to study the information included within this complaint. We will not tolerate lame excuses from our public officials who say, "That’s not my job," or "You can take that up with the IRS." It is our local public officials' duty to investigate this horrific crime that has been committed against us, a peaceful family attempting to work and be left alone. We value God's laws. We also value man's laws as long as they are not repugnant to the Holy Scriptures, as in this case, "Thou shalt not steal." The IRS operated against our family with no basis in law whatsoever. This is not complicated or complex material we have submitted. Every sheriff and deputy should know this information as it is their job to enforce the law. Since they, by accepting their jobs have a duty not to be ignorant of laws and to whom they apply. We have taken the time to study this subject. And although the information may be difficult to believe for most public officials, the information is readily available and may be checked out in any law library. We as a peaceful man and woman have taken the time to look up these laws as it is our responsibility to understand our obligations if any to the Government, both federal and State. To this end, we believe that we have done everything humanly possible to check and verify our obligations and none exist between us and the Department of the Treasury-Internal Revenue Service. We have provided enough evidence to show that felonious crimes have been committed against us. We demand that the Sheriff investigate these crimes against us immediately and that our property be returned now.


We, Charles Wayne, Uptergrove and Martha Gene Freeman Uptergrove declare pursuant to the Biblical command, "thou shalt not bear a false witness" that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of our knowledge and belief.

Charles Wayne, Uptergrove

Martha Gene Freeman Uptergrove

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Uptergrove Raid: April Fools Day

"He has erected a multitude of New Offices, and sent hither swarms of Officers to harrass our people, and eat out their substance."Declaration of Independence, 1776

On April 1st, 2004 at approximately 8:03 AM I was on the phone with Chuck Uptergrove of Ikon Roofing Company visiting with him when he told me a bunch of IRS, CID, US Marshals, and one Sheriff's deputy were coming on to his property. Included in the raid was a "revenue officer" Marilyn Collins I.D. # 77-00362 who appears to have instigated this raid on this peaceful man who has taken a courageous stand against the IRS.

There were six to eight tow trucks lined up and they confiscated his trucks that he uses for his job. Mind you, Chuck lives about 12 miles out of any town, and now he is unable to feed his family as all of his work equipment is gone. His business and home are on the property and his home was also ransacked. His front door was smashed although all of the other doors to the house were unlocked and open. There were two men with M-16s guarding the crime scene. Of course, the IRS was committing the crimes. M-16s are instruments of war that are not supposed to be used against
peaceful men and women in this country. But it is the IRS who is making war on the people.

As I was on the phone with him, I heard Chuck strenuously object to the raid. I heard the "revenue officer" say, "Do you have $178,000 that you can give me today?" This alleged debt had been challenged and was being litigated in a "court of record" in the United States District Court of which Ms. Collins refused to show up when summonsed into the court to document and verify the alleged debt. The judge, Oliver Wanger refused to honor Chuck's court of record, which is a proceeding according to the course of the common law. We believe that this raid is "pay back" for challenging this alleged debt and that this is an effort to break the back of Chuck's business and it is an effort to starve him into compliance. This is the tactic used by the IRS and their lap dog "courts" to enforce internal revenue laws that have been repealed since 1939.

But this gets worse. Upon receiving the business cards of alleged "internal revenue agents" I have posted here, the we found that none of the seals on the cards matched the ones authorized by the government of the United States.authorized seals and the offices that they attach to. (Please note that this may take a few minutes to download, so please be patient. 4 minutes on dialup.) To see the "court" papers, you'll need to download a program from eFax
Once you do that, you can retrieve the court papers along with the copies of the business cards of the alleged "government" officials here. If you look back a few pages you'll see that the seals on the business cards do not match those authorized by the government of the United States. Seals are important in that they properly identify the agency or government that they work for and in this case none of the three cards we retrieved had the proper seals. Why is that? It is because that these "agents" are not a part of the government of the United States, but are instead a bunch of imposters who randomly make up bills of "taxes" owed, and then collect them unlawfully and illegally with no basis in law whatsoever.

This happens all over the country because the people have not paid any attention to what is really wrong with the government and especially the IRS. This is a complete fraud against the men and women of this country. After seeing these cards, I now realize that the problem has nothing to do with jurisdiction, courts, definitions, 861, and all the things a lot of us have studied. The bottom line is that there is no internal revenue law and that the IRS is committing a massive fraud against the American people. There just no other way to say this. The local public officials cover all of this up and there appears to be no remedy because the IRS is nothing but a bunch of thugs reminicent of the brown shirts in Nazi Germany.

The purpose of this raid is to ruin the business of Chuck Uptergrove. He has no trucks in which to do his business as they were confiscated by the thugs.
As Chuck lives so far from town he cannot easily file court papers and he is now dependent on others for his existence. His wife is suffering terribly and she has lost her job due to IRS liens and levies put on her just because she is married to Chuck. Businesses all over the country are being destroyed by this kind of intrusion, that apparently isn't government at all, but nothing more than an official looking Mafia hit squad.

I can't stress enough the importance of the repeal of the internal revenue laws and the use of unauthorized seals. This should be evidence enough
that there isn't any law in the United States. The alleged government is practicing anarchy and the laws of the land are being ignored. If this is allowed to continue, no man or woman will be safe from the tyranny and the terrorism from people who are purported to be the keepers of the peace. The problem is that the terrorists are the people in government who stand by and watch their friends and neighbors get robbed by a bunch of people who
masquerade as government and are not.

I'll have more to say on the seals as more evidence comes in, but it is sufficient to say that these "agents" are not a part of the United States government in any way, shape or form. Attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents, and many others in the tax preparation industry are traitors to their own country and they are traitors to anything that is right or moral. They help to perpetuate this fraud and they continually ignore the evidence presented to them.

If you would like to help Chuck in either financial or moral support you can write him at:

He needs to replace his trucks and put himself and his men back to work. Any assistance anyone can give would be most appreciated. Chuck may get mad at me for doing this, but he has stood up for the truth for himself and his children. He has taken a courageous stand for the truth. You can help put this man back to work so that he can feed his family and be productive again.

Also, please pass this article around using your mailing lists. This fraud upon the people needs to end now, not two years, or five years, but it needs
to end now.

Charles Wayne, Uptergrove
c/o 26663 Road 23
Chowchilla, California [93610]
Phone: 559 665-2020 Cell 559 479-0897